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The Purpose of a Condition Report

Are your electrics Safe?

An electrical Condition Report is a periodic test and inspection of an electrical installation. The purpose of the report is to check the condition of an installation, detecting and recording any factors that might affect safety. One of the reasons a report of this kind is necessary is to determine that the installation has not deteriorated or been damaged over time. An electrical condition report will determine the following aspects:

  • how safe the installation is for the protection of people against electric shocks and burns
  • the potential for fire and heat damage arising from electrical defects.
  • check that the installation has not become unsafe through deterioration or damage
  • check for defects or evidence of non- compliance with current regulations which may be dangerous

The NICEIC recommend that the installation of domestic properties are periodically inspected and tested every 10 years, however there may be other reasons why an inspection would need to be carried out more often, including:

  • The age of the installation (over time, the condition of an electrical installation can deteriorate)

  • Environmental factors (external locations for example, can affect the speed of deterioration and lead to corrosion of electrics)

  • Damage to the installation (through vandalism for example)

  • Type of property (caravan parks and swimming pools for example, should be tested annually)

  • Use of property (change of occupancy for rental for example)
  • Changes in legislations

  • general concerns the occupant may have regarding the installation