Ecosphere were one of the first UK installers to become a SunPower Authorised Partner in the UK to supply & install their panels. This followed a stringent selection procedure as SunPower only work with a handful of installers throughout the country. Sunpower Panels are the best performing panels in the world and have a number of advantages over standard panels. High efficiency and low degradation rates ensure that you get much higher returns on your Feed In Tariff over the 20 year period as they continue to perform to the highest efficiency. This also means you can squeeze more power onto your roof as the E20 is a massive 333 watts per panel. In fact a Sunpower array will give you a far greater return per pound invested than a standard system. Unrivalled power and good looks with the SunPower MAXEON cell The MAXEON cells have a unique patented copper back connection system which means no solder on the front giving the cells a unifrom black appearance, superior performance under shading and much higher durability. In fact, SunPower have just announced a combined 25yr productivity and performance guarantee (see downloads), this once again sets them apart from any other panel available on the market today. If you are thinking about installing a standard system, why not talk to one of our SunPower Installers today who will demonstrate how your money is far better spent on a SunPower system. Call us on 01825 880603 to talk to an advisor

My husband and I were confused about which panel to go for as there are so many installers and so much choice out there.  When we met Ecosphere they ran through all of the options with me in a friendly non intrusive way and really explained the benefits of Sunpower and just as importantly the risks of going with a cheap panel.  They discussed failure rates and explained Sunpowers combined product and performance guarantee that runs for 25 years.  We are so glad we listened, what they said about performance was true, our system has out performed the SAP so far meaning we get higher Feed in Tariff and we are really confident that it will continue to do so - Thank you again Ecosphere - Mr & Mrs Webb Clevedon.
Ecosphere 2012