The inverter is a vital part of any solar panel installation and converts the direct current (DC)  solar PV panels produce to the alternating current (AC) your households appliances use. The quality and reliability of the inverter used is of paramount importance as this is the one part of any PV system likely to fail first.

We offer a number of different invertors which we have chosen based on proven companies that produce high quality and reliable renewable energy inverters. Please see our download section for product sheets.

We also  offer extended warranties on our inverters. Please ask one of our consultants for details.


SMA are the World’s leading producer of inverters. They are well known for their reliability. Ecosphere stock the market leading Sunnyboy invertors which are our most popular range. They can also be used outdoors. They come with a standard 5 year warranty.




Another German manufacturer established in 2010 and the second largest manufacturer of photovoltaic invertors in the World. We stock the Powador series suitable for domestic and outdoors use. They come with a 7 year warranty.




Fronius are a well respected Austrian manufacturer established since 1992. We stock the powerful IG series inverters that come with a 5 year warranty.





Steca are another German manufacturer which are useful for smaller systems or systems where more than one smaller inverter is needed. They come with a standard 5 year warranty.