Ground-Mounted Solar Systems

Get the Most Solar Energy per Acre from SunPower® Trackers

Converting unused land into a clean energy solution will reduce energy costs and provide a hedge against rising electricity rates. SunPower ground-mounted solar energy solutions enable the greatest energy production from your available land.  The SunPower T0 Solar Tracker produces the most energy per acre of any ground mounted system available today, allowing you to offset more of your electricity bill and realise the greatest return from your available real estate.

SunPower Solar Tracking Technology

Proprietary, single-axis SunPower solar trackers allow each high-efficiency solar panel to follow the path of the sun over the course of the day. Solar tracking technology increases the total energy production from each panel. The SunPower T20 Solar Tracker generates up to 30% more energy than traditional fixed-tilt systems, providing significantly more solar energy from your available land.


High Reliability, Low Maintenance

With over 400 megawatts in operation today, SunPower trackers are the most proven solar tracking systems on the planet. Our field-tested technology is designed to perform for over 30 years, quietly and reliably generating solar energy with minimal annual maintenance. The SunPower® TMAC™ Advanced Tracker Controller enables predictive maintenance by self-detecting tracker performance deviations and automatically sending alerts with diagnosis before energy output is affected.

Backtracking Technology Maximizes Exposure

In the early morning or late afternoon, when there is the potential for one row of solar panels to shade the row behind it, SunPower backtracking technology automatically makes small adjustments to the position of each row of panels as the panels move to track the sun. This maximizes solar system power output by ensuring that each solar cell continues to have complete, un-shaded exposure to light when the sun is low on the horizon.

Ground Solar Systems

GPS Precision Timekeeping

The SunPower TMAC Advanced Tracker Controller continuously determines the optimal tracking angle for each panel based on the time, date, and geographic location of your solar energy installation. Global Positioning Signal (GPS) monitors the precise time of day and the exact latitude and longitude of the system. This ensures each solar panel is exposed to the maximum amount of sunlight each day so that your system produces the most solar energy possible.