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Solar for Farms

Harvest the sun…..

Ecosphere are based in the Sussex downs surrounded by farms and small holdings.  We understand that as a farmer you need to maximise the revenue generated by your land and buildings.  We are committed to helping you to achieve this by installing a solar panel installation therefore benefiting from generous government Feed In Tariffs.

By installing an Ecosphere solar photovoltaic system, every single ray of sunshine will provide a secure income, thanks to government incentives guaranteed under the UK Renewable Energy Law. Moreover, income is assured for up to 2o years, irrespective of economic trends. All income generated from the feed in tariff is tax free and index linked. Guidance suggests a level of up to 11% return can be made of your purchase price. Solar technology also makes an important contribution to preserving the natural environment.

With farmers being paid such low prices for milk in the UK, you may find that the roof of your barns are more valuable than the livestock that they contain!

A big part of the electricity used on a working farm for example for milking, will be self generated and therefore free, leading to huge savings on top of what you earn from the Feed in Tariffs.

By investing in Solar Power you could safe guard your farm and animals for you and your childrens future.

Electricity from your barn and livestock shed

With a high-quality solar system from Ecosphere on your roof, barns and stables are transformed into a renewable power plant. Solar modules convert light into electricity and feed it into the grid using a safe, maintenance-free system. As a provider of high-quality technology, Ecosphere has developed products especially for use in agriculture which take into account roof load and structural requirements. Ecosphere also offers the right mounting system for all agricultural building roof types to ensure that all barns and livestock sheds can achieve an optimum yield.  There are no moving parts on any of the solar panels so there is no maintenance required.

Double your harvests

Agriculture is one of the sectors where work is carried out over large areas. No other industry offers such great potential for harnessing solar power. Barn and livestock shed roofs or unused fallow land are ideal for capturing solar energy, as the sun and light generally stream down without producing shade, unlike in crowded urban areas, and thus ensure optimum yields. Using solar power enables farmers to expand their business and create a new, key, profitable source of income. With quality products from Ecosphere farmers bring in double the harvests.

For more information please call 01825 880603 or fill in our quick no obligation quote form.

Ecosphere now offer Biomass please visit our Biomass Section to see how your farm can benefit.

After your initial contact we will send out one of our qualified surveyors to come and visit your farm and give advice one how a solar system could work for you.

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