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Solar for developers

Many house builders and developers are now supporting by sustainable development including a solar panel installation in their new builds as a great way of reducing their properties energy costs, reducing CO2 and guaranteeing solid returns of up to 11% on their investment. A Solar PV system also increases the marketability of the property and helps to promote a sustainable brand.

Code for Sustainable Homes

The code for sustainable homes measures the sustainability of a home against categories of sustainable design, rating the ‘whole home’ as a complete package.

The Code uses a 1 to 6 star rating system (with 6 being the highest sustainability rating) to communicate the overall sustainability performance of a new home and sets minimum standards for energy and water use at each level.

Since May 2008 all  new homes must have a Code rating and a Code certificate must be included within the Home Information Pack.  By 2016 all new homes must be built to zero carbon standards. This will be achieved through a step by step tightening of the Building Regulations.

Date 2010 2013 2016
Energy efficiency improvement of the dwelling compared to 2006 (Part L Building Regulations) 25% 44% Zero Carbon
Equivalent standard within the Code Code level 3 Code level 4 Code level 6

Please see our downloads for pdfs from the Energy Saving Trust which provide useful examples for achieving the standards.

How can we help?

The use of renewable technologies will help you achieve the required Code rating.  Speak to one of our consultants who can advise on design and the various options available to you which can easily be incorporated at design stage.   We can also advise on other aspects of energy saving such as lighting and voltage optimisation as we have many years electrical experience.

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