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Councils and Local Authorities

Good news for councils… Previously councils were not allowed to make money from installing renewable energy schemes for fear of upsetting the electricity market.

But as part of the Coalition’s plans to become ‘the greenest government ever’, town halls can now profit from ‘mini power stations’ for the first time.

The Feed-in Tariff; a generous subsidy that already pays individual households for feeding electricity into the national grid, has been available to local authorities from August 2010.

New schemes could see thousands of solar panels being installed on public buildings, sheltered housing and council properties wherever they are able to generate electricity.

For example a solar panel installation fitted to an average-sized town hall building could raise £10,000 a year in income. This is a great way for councils to generate money.

Benefits to Councils

  • Generate Income via generous Feed-In Tariffs
  • Combat rising fuel prices and  fuel poverty
  • Help to achieve sustainability targets and be seen as a ‘green’ council

How can we help?

Ecosphere Renewables offers councils a free solar energy analysis to determine if solar power is feasible on your buildings or properties.

  • We will inspect your properties with you and prepare a proposal and presentation based on the buildings layouts, location and construction.
  • In your proposal you will receive our recommendation for generating solar energy and an economic analysis for your financial return.
  • We can base this proposal on a single Council building or on a larger portfolio of housing stock
  • We are experienced in designing for code for sustainable homes and can offer other solutions to reduce fuel consumption such as voltage optimisation

To arrange a meeting with us please call our solar panel installers on 01825 880603 or fill out our no obligation quote form