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Commercial PV

The case for commercial businesses to go solar is stronger than ever.  We can help many types of commercial business, ranging from offices and retail right through to housing developers and farmers.

We now offer finance though Siemens and The Carbon Trust please call 01825 880600 for full details.

How can we help?

Ecosphere offers a free commercial solar energy analysis to determine if solar power is feasible on your land, building or property.

  • We will inspect your property with you and/or your building maintenance manager and prepare a proposal based on the building layout, location and construction. Our design consultants have extensive knowledge of commercial roof systems.
  • In your proposal you will receive our recommendation for generating solar energy and an economic analysis for your financial return.
  • Further examination of your building structure and property may be required based on our preliminary findings.

For a full list of benefits of solar installations for commercial organisations please see here.

If you would like more information call our solar panel installers on 01825 880603 or fill in our no obligation quote form and we’ll contact you.