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Mr Simeoni, Horsham

Mr Simeoni has taken on the job of restoring the Old Club Rooms in Horsham.  While he wanted to retain all of the original features and keep the building looking period he was also keen that the building is as eco friendly as possible.  With the Feed In Tariff he got to have a green home and earn over £1000 a year tax free for 25 years.

Panels: Sunpower E20
Invertor: SMA SB1200
System Size: 3.92
Annual Output: 3365 kwh

Our Solution:
We decided to go for a 4KW system to maximise the output of the panels and get Alan the most benefit from the Feed In Tariff.

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After speaking with a number of suppliers and installers I ended up going ahead with Ecosphere and I'm very glad that I did. With a 7 week deadline to the 12th December 2011 last minute governement FIT cuts I was, to say the least, a little worried that the install would not be completed in time or something would go wrong and I'd loose out. I needn't have worried, from initial meeting to installation right through to MCS certificate and FIT registration it took less than 5 weeks for Eos to deliver a 3.27kW system onto my roof. The Eos team were extremely professional, dedicated and highly efficient. During the 4-5 weeks they were always ready to answer my numerous design specification and technical queries/suggestions to guide me to the best and most efficient solution. I had also been worried about which company to go for, with all the internet stories about Solar install scammers out there, again I need not have worried about Eos, not only did the team prove to have the utmost integrity in their work, I later found out the company was also part of the older and highly respectable Electrical Contractor's ChrisBartholomew, again based in East Sussex. All in all I wouldn't go anywhere else for solar panels, and I'd be happy to talk with anyone who's considering getting panels and would like to speak first hand with someone who's gone through the installation process with Eos and even see the installation itself.
Alan Simioni