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Biomass for Dairy Farmers

Ecosphere have been working with the farming community in East Sussex helping them produce their own clean renewable energy with Solar PV.

We now offer Biomass giving farmers a practical way of reducing the running costs of the farm whilst also getting paid generously by the RHI.

Current rate of returns are up to 30% on a standard system.

Ecosphere will carry out a full site survey on your farm and provide you with a clear accurate breakdown on the costs of the system.  The annual costs of the pellets and the exact amount you are expected to earn from the RHI over the 20 year period.

The Woodpecker Spark is recommended for diary farms, a list of benefits below:

  • Easy integration – Connects directly to your existing hot water cylinder
  • Easy sitting – delivered and sited with a pallet truck
  • Easy to use – Delivers 300 litres of 75 degree’s in one hour
  • Easy to maintain – One annual service and occasional  emptying of the ash box

Cost Summary:

Cost of boiler on request (Post survey)

Annual Fuel (Pellet) £1,369.00

Current Fuel cost (Electric) £3,4500

Savings Summary

Annual Fuel Saving: £2,081.00

Annual RHI Payment £2,726.00

Total Annual Saving/Income £4,807.00

Annual rate of return 38.5% payback period 2.6 years.

Please call our Green Deal Installer Team today on 01825 880603 to see how we can help you.

Ecosphere Team.