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A new renewable energy technology is now available to produce clean energy for commercial business premises this could be anything from Bed and Breakfast, Warehouses, breweries or farms. The technology falls under the Renewable Heat Incentive which means you can receive payments up to £3000 a year for 20 years.  The current rate of return is 38.5% on a standard system.


Biomass explained

Biomass is defined as any organic material from plants or animals .  Coal and petrol aren’t considered biomass because they were transformed from organic material into fossils by geological means. When something organic, like wood, is employed as fuel, the heat it generates is biomass energy.

What can i burn in my Biomass Boiler?

The standard fuel used are Wood Pellets & Wood Chip (Some boilers are duel fuel).

What is the cost of fuel compared to traditional fuel?

Wood chips are the cheapest form of heating fuel at 2.6p per kWh generated according to Biomass Energy Centre. Wood pellets are 3.9p per kWh, with natural gas at 4.1p, heating oil 5.6p, LPG at 8.2p and electricity 13p per kWh. Prices are around £185-£200 per tonne for wood pellets and £90-£120 per tonne for wood chips. These figures will depend on where you live, as prices for wood pellets and chips vary considerably.

Ecosphere have a list of trusted fuel suppliers across the country.

Most boilers are loaded by a hopper that needs to be kept topped up, if you have space it is a good idea to keep a stock of fuel.

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