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Our Team

Rob Santler

As Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer I do a lot of the ‘big picture’ thinking that keeps us going in the right direction and ensures the solutions we provide for our clients are both up to date and are financially suitable.

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Chris Bartholomew

Chris Bartholomew is the Managing Director of our sister company CBE, and a Founding Partner of Ecosphere Renewables, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the renewable side of the company, he started his electrical apprenticeship in Brighton in 1967, qualifying in 1972.

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Zoe Forbes

As a Founding Partner and Director Of Communications at Ecosphere Zoe manages the Brand Strategy, Social Media, PR and Marketing for the company bringing over 20 years marketing experience across multi disciplines.

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Sam Phyall

Sam has been working within the Renewable Energy Industry since 2007, firstly as a lead installer for solar thermal and PV, then as a system designer, ensuring the visions from designers and architects could be practically applied to the construction of modern low carbon buildings.

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Pete Bailey

As Head Of Solar Installations, Pete is responsible for running and project managing our large commercial installations. He has worked for the company for 12 years and is a fully qualified electrician.

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Steve Packham

Steve joined the company in March 2011 as Contracts Manager .He manages the contract in partnership with Wealden District Council For the upgrade and general maintenance of their housing stock (approx 3500 properties), Wealden have benefitted from the installation of PV, Thermal PV, ASHP and LED lighting for which Steve carries out the electrical design of the AC circuits, lighting, emergency lighting and as required completes the G59 applications for the PV systems.

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Mark Santler

I’ve have worked in various industry roles and manage the health, safety and quality assurance for Chris Bartholomews.

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Darren Streeter

As our Heat Pump Installations Manager, Darren is responsible for running and project managing all our heat pump installations and programs. He has recently finished managing a program of over 150 heat pumps for Wealden District Council for their social housing!

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Dion Bonner

I am a Supervising Electrician and I have worked for Ecosphere/ CBE Contractors for 9 years. I am a Qualified Supervisor for the Company NICEIC and I am currently running a second large testing program of 700 properties for Wealden District Council.

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Michelle Kearley

I am the key administrator on reception liaising with Wealden District Council and their tenants and our engineers to programme and book in a whole range of renewable works.

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Vic Winton

Vic works in our Electrical Contracting department having joined Chris in CBE back in 2003 he’s our second longest serving member of staff!

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Kath Christian

I have worked in accounts departments for over 25 years in generally the same role and have been responsible for maintaining an efficient and accurate finance function within various businesses over that time.

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Sally Greener

Sally is our key accounts administrator preparing and collating job information from engineers and then creating the relevant job costing applications associated with the works that have been carried out.

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